Tweets abound: Everybody’s buzzing about 부산여자 (Busan Girl).

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

FYI: Some folks say Busan Girl… some say Busan Woman… Technically either one is correct because 여자 (yeoja) translates to woman, girl, or female. So call it whichever one you’d like, Rain fans—what you’re talking about should pretty much be understood.

(Source: 29rain @Twitter, 8.10.11 / English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

29rain Ji hoon jung
저번에 말씀드렸던 이벤트입니다 ” 부산여자 ” ㅎㅎ 재밌는 노래입니다 이번주 부산 첫공연때 공개합니다 활동은안하구여 그냥 콘서트를 더 재밌게하는 이벤트이므로 서운해하지마시고 그래도 담주 화욜날 곡이 공개되니까여 많이 즐겨주세용용용용용 헤헤헤헤

As I said last time, that’s “Busan Girl” which is the title of the funny song as a special event…haha.. This song will be released through the first show in Busan.. I won’t work as a singer with the song and it’ll be just an event to give people a buzz, so please don’t be disappointed. But it’ll be shown to the public next Tuesday, so please enjooooy the song..hehehehe…


(Source: jtunecamp0625 @Twitter, 8.10.11 / English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

jtunecamp0625 jtunecamp
[RAIN 디지털싱글 ‘부산여자’ 디싱 발매 안내] 2011년 8월 16일(화) 00시 RAIN 디지털싱글 [부산여자] 음원공개!! 8월 13일(토) 부산콘서트에서 선공개 됩니다. 팬 여러분들의 많은 사랑 부탁드립니다^^

[Information about the release of Rain’s new digital single ‘Busan Girl’] Rain’s digital single ‘Busan Girl’ will be shown to the public at midnight on August 16 (Tues), 2011 !! This song will be released in advance at the show in Busan city dated August 13 (Sat). Hope many fans will love the song^^

~ by Cloud USA on August 11, 2011.

14 Responses to “Tweets abound: Everybody’s buzzing about 부산여자 (Busan Girl).”

  1. Stepheeeee~
    It’s 16th morning, right?
    When the clock hits 00:00:01 AM as it dawns 16th Tuesday in Korea…….?
    *sorry… but I have to know..
    Someone told it’s 17 th 8_8

    -you can just say 16 or 17.
    ^ ^


    • Midnight on the 16th is exactly what you said. The 16th, as it dawns in Korea.

      Honestly, I don’t understand what has people so confused. (Not talking about you^^ You’re fine^_^) J.Tune clearly said “At midnight on August 16 (Tues)” in their tweet. Anyone with a calendar can see that August 16 is Tuesday and August 17 is Wednesday. J.Tune didn’t even mention August 17 Wednesday at all.

      And on top of that, 11:59 pm is the END of a day (pm/night) and 12:00 am midnight is the START of a new day (am/morning). As an example, we don’t ring in the New Year on 11:59 pm on January 1, after the whole day is over. We get ready to ring it in at the end of the day on December 31 at 11:59 pm, and one minute later the clock strikes midnight and it is January 1 at 12 am, a new day, a new morning, a new year.

      I hope this helps. You poor thing! The folks who are confusing you will just find out the hard way, I guess. ^_^

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Thanks Stephe.. 🙂
        FYI: I asked from someone who is really into these sort of things. First I thought she told the same.
        Afterwards she confused me saying no it’s 17th blah!

        And some web articles use the term interchangeably.. For ex: GMT info and Wiki said what you told me..
        but yahoo says something else…
        Never mind that’s history..Few mins ago Rain revealed a picture of her LOL
        I think she was earlier known as Sailor Rain
        *ahem! 😉

        Sorry to have deviated from the topic.. ^^// cu


  2. That’s gonna be interesting and I am sure we are gonna laugh our @ss off. The Man is awesome at that. Can’t wait to hear it!!


  3. Hey Stephe or Terry. There’s one part i didn’t get from Rain’s explanation. When he said ” I won’t work as a singer with the song and it’ll be just an event to give people a buzz, so please don’t be disappointed”.


    • Yely, that just means that he’s not going to officially promote it or anything, the way he would do if he were doing a “comeback” (no performing it for music charts or on television or putting it out there as a major song). It’s just a special little song he’s giving directly to the fans for fun, but there will be a digital single that can be downloaded of it. That’s all he means by this statement–no promotion.

      Hope your day is going well… 🙂

      Stephe ^@@^


  4. Thnxx Stephe. I went through GMT info as well….Now it’s clear… 🙂
    Yet, it’s weird that days start at the mid”night” 😀 😉

    I wonder whether Rain will pick a girl from the audience when he’s singing ”
    “city_ Girl”



    • There is no telling what he’s going to do, but one thing for sure is that it’s going to be interesting! He is so creative and such a ham. I’m just going to be prepared to laugh out loud and start “hearting” him and stuff. LOL! ^^

      Stephe ^@@^


  5. Espero con ansias escuchar la canción. !!Qué emociòn!!


  6. And Georgia aka Gigi_rou will be one of the first of us to hear it. Lucky girl. At this very moment she is winging her way to Korean, I hope she is having a uneventful and relaxing flight.


  7. Looking forward to hearing it.


  8. # at midnight on August 16 (Tues), 2011#
    *scratches head*
    16th Midnight!? Does that mean the dawn of 17th? Or the dawn of 16th?
    I really can’t get it… Can anyone help me..


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