[article] MBLAQ check: MBLAQ’s Secret Donations Made Public.

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SOOMPI News 8/5/2011 — by thunderstix

MBLAQ’s Secret Donations Made Public

MBLAQ turns out to have been making secret donations over the last two years. According to local media, MBLAQ has made regular donations of toys, dolls, and clothings to child care facilities in Korea since their debut in 2009. They also met a middle school girl suffering from a brain tumor through a partnership with the “Make a Wish Foundation.”

“We were always interested in donations and volunteer work. So we donated toys and clothes to children’s house since our debut. We’re trying to send gifts on a regular basis,” MBLAQ told local media.

Following news of their secret donations, the group’s fan clubs have also joined MBLAQ’s efforts. For example, Lee Joon’s fans have begun supporting an Ethiopian girl personally in celebration of the group’s one year anniversary They also made donations to a Myanmar water improvement project to celebrate Lee Joon’s birthday. In addition, the group’s main fan club is running a special donation event for MBLAQ’s two year anniversary through Korean portal Naver.

“We are thankful for the fans joining our donation efforts. We’ll continue to work hard to show a positive side of us,” MBLAQ said.


And a bonus: The Boys’ Music Bank “Mona Lisa” performance from yesterday, which was, in a word, spectacular. And here’s another word for it—cocky. One would think all five of them are sporting girlfriends behind the scenes or something, with all the cocky attitudes oozing all over that stage. Look at Thunder’s shoulders (are they broader, or is it just me?) and the way he’s holding himself, not to mention the rest of them. G.O and SeungHo were doing some serious mackin’, and Joon and Mir were both like Damn, look at me. Just look at me.

Well all right, with your Bad Selves! 😀

110805 MBLAQ – Mona Lisa. (courtesy of lokyan87 @YT)

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5 Responses to “[article] MBLAQ check: MBLAQ’s Secret Donations Made Public.”

  1. Yes they are sooo much better, with sex appeal pouring off them in every move, voices on point, sure of themselves and their music. They are coming hard and mean. Love it!!!


  2. but it looks like they dropped down on the charts here to #8….that’s if i’m reading this right. hope they stay in the top 10 these appearances are such a joy to watch because even though this group isn’t even 2 yrs. old yet they have accomplished sooooooooooooo much since their debut.

    mag. covers, modelling, ost, at least 3 or 4 self composed songs and more.
    i just hope on their 2nd anniversary the awards of acknowlegment will start rolling their way. not because of Rain either, but because they really, really deserve ii.


  3. i really like your description of the boys attitude because that is just what the words in MonaLisa is talking about “look at me” but not with that MonaLisa smile, hahahaha

    i love their ability to act out the words in their songs. reminds me of someone else, yep!


  4. La caniòn es muy bonita y la coreografìa la hizo Rain, se ve su escuela en ellos. Estan cada vez mejor. Claro si tienen al mejor maestro !!


    • Adry,

      Yes, they are getting better, aren’t they? But what I think we are seeing the most is they are gaining confidence in their abilities. They need to just put themselves out there and enjoy themselves. Honestly, Mona Lisa is the first song besides Oh Yeah that I’ve seen from MBLAQ where I thought they were actually enjoying themselves.

      (Now, I wanna see another one, boys.)

      Terri :-}


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