[Cloud USA announcements] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 7/19-7/25.

(during the summer of 2009, Rain was featured in High Cut Magazine…)

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By the way — have you left a message for JiHoon on The Cloud today?

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If you can, PLEASE follow Rain’s lead and give Japan a helping hand. Donate to the 7th Cloud’s Appeal-Donation for Earthquake Victims in Japan or to the charity of your choice. The Japanese people are still nowhere near out of the woods. » The 1400 children who lost one or both parents are one of the groups most desperate for help right now.

[2011 RAIN Korea Tour Schedule]
August 13, 14 (Sat, Sun) – Busan BEXCO
Sat 27 August – Daegu EXCO Priest
Sat, September 3 – Jeju Convention Center
Sat, September 17 – Gwangju (Location TBA)
Sun September 18 – Daejeon (KOTRA Trade Exhibition Center)
September 24 and 25 (Saturday, Sunday) – Seoul Olympic Park Stadium

Laters, everyone!

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on July 19, 2011.

26 Responses to “[Cloud USA announcements] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 7/19-7/25.”

  1. Oh and just one other thing thats really BUGGED the hell out of me.
    I saw were JiHoon tweeted to his first actual fan (SO HAPPY FOR HER) but why can’t they just leave this poor man alone! DAMN! They begged him to tweet to one and he did now their pissed and want more…

    Just take the mans blood and drink it!

    Sorry just had to sound off on this, return to your regular stations.


    • I guess I’m out of the loop with Twitter since I don’t have one. However, I am assuming that you are referring to his Korean twitter fans, which are probably the same Korean fan girls/netizens. If so, these chicks are “off the chain.” I don’t know if Bi’s plans are Still the same as far as coming to the US after military service, but for HIS sake (TRULY) I hope he does. I mean the U.S. press and fans can be intrusive too, but HERE if you cross certain boundaries……your ass WILL BE prosecuted or sued or better yet……..LOCKED UP……for real!! There, at least, will be a semblance of peace. I don’t get them. (*SMH*)


      • Actually no its not just the Korean fans that freaked out girl and I forgot.even what he said to her(that’s how much I pay attention) Hahahaha


  2. I can’t comment on the post titled…….Speculation:What is Rain not saying here. Thought I would let y’all know just in case Word press is acting funny again.


  3. Ever tried to have intelligent dialogue with an idiot? It’s like no matter how hard you try to speak with authority and intelligence the idiot just doesn’t get it. When I was younger, I would get angry at times like that, but now I just chuckle inside. However, it will produce a headache. The ignorance that is in the world today absolutely astounds me. It’s BEYOND
    SCARY! I had to come to Cloud USA where intelligent people “live.” Thank you GAWD!!!


    • Unfortunately yes, I have. It’s something I try like hell to avoid these days, when I can, because in my older age I’ve discovered it’s way too easy for me to bite somebody’s head off and keep chewing.

      And life is just too short to waste even a second of it suffering an ignorance headache. Ugh.

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Stephe said,

        “……..way too easy for me to bite somebody’s head off and keep chewing…………”

        HA! I love it. I also wholeheartedly feel the exact same way. However, sometimes I forget and get suckered in. I find myself trying really, really hard to reason, but it just doesn’t seem to be working and then it hits me……”This fool is truly crazy!” That’s when the chuckles within come (mainly at myself) because it dawns on me just who I’ve been trying to reason with. It’s at that moment I realize it was an Impossible task from jump street (my cue to rest my nerves). I have absolutely no patience for stupidity, so as hubbie would say…….”I’mma let you make it.” (SMILES)


  4. Anybody watch HawthorNe with Jada Pinkett Smith. This is an open thread right?

    I have one thing to say:

    YouTube – http://youtu.be/Z4v260KfvlE

    Now that you have watched the video, put RAIN in that scene. My work here is done……………..


    • BiA…

      Oh. My. Goodness. (And I can’t believe I actually approved this comment, but I just couldn’t help myself…)

      Terri :-}


      • Terri much obliged………O.M.G. is what I said after my eyebrows were singed from watching. We will probably never, ever see Bi in a scene like that, so Ye Ole imagination just took over. I couldn’t help myself either! That’s it from me…..Honest! (SMILES)


    • Ay dios mio! No wonder J.Lo and him split….LOL….*joking*


    • Hoookay, sooooo… I needed somebody to ayúdame after THAT. *dizzy*

      (putting Rain in that scene right at this moment would bring on catatonia, so I’ll wait just a bit, thanks LOL)

      Stephe ^@@^


    • OMG BiA that scene was off the charts too hot!!!!!!!!!! and sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyy already!!!!!!!!!!! Then I imagined Rain in the scene and I about passed the heck out from not being able to breath. We probably will never see Rain in a scene like that but I am surely going to keep hoping and wishing.


      • My thoughts exactly Flower! Imagination is all we got, cause Honey Bi won’t go there….he always has Korea on his mind. As he should. It’s just a “sin and shame” that all that SEXY is wrapped up in someone SO traditional. *SIGH*…..(SMILES)


    • DAYUM!! hahahaha LAWD! Go on Marc, I have to catch up on Hathorne. And JiHoon in that scene? Not unless he moves to the USA. Y’all know.


  5. i very love this Pict he so casual and yet just who being himself ALONE i like the fact he always keep himself stunning regardless sexy normal or just simply looking here he look just simply handsome and that arm and the way he stand their man melting just to stare at him all day lone..
    as for i am just hope and looking for rain next NE BLOCKBUSTER films when he is back from MS i do think rain have such more acknowledge to all his transform it is SUCK how he always so busy in Asia and tight schedule whiches i understand of curse but again i would love to see rain in serene different HOLLYWOOD with good SPECTACULAR actor and actress as well i hope this will read my mind


  6. Those arms are ready to pop, damn!! Sexilicious!!!


  7. Thanks for using 2 of my most favorite Rain pics. I love everything about these pics… Siggghhh… 🙂


  8. i watched Naomi is several movies and i really like her. not just because of NA, but she is good at her craft.

    off topic: i was so excited when Comcast added KTv –(it includes tv24, arirang specials, YTN news & special shows)– to it’s lineup and i thought for sure i’d be able to see Rain other than via internet. but so far i have only seen him about 3x and MBLAQ only about 2x and can’t remember ever seeing them on ShowBiz Korea or Kpop (both 1/2 hr shows);
    well i did see MBLAQ’s Cry vid once and they even cut that and Rain once talking about his Adieu concert. my point is, now i’m wondering whether different tv stations sponsor different artist or not? i mean i can’t understand why or how it seems these two are not shown more here in the US. if i didn’t know there was a Rain or MBLAQ i wouldn’t know they existed by watching the channel. and it advertises itself as the “Best of Korea”!!! can u believe that? i am very disappointed with this tv channel. what a shame.


  9. Those are quite some guns!


  10. It seems Bi’s former leading lady Naomie Harris is set to play the MoneyPenny character in the newest James Bond. At first, her participation was serious Speculation, now it seems she is in final negotiations and all but has the part. It will be interesting, to say the least, to see if they will “amp” up the MoneyPenny character. I know the “famous flirting with James Bond” will definitely have to be apart of the character, as expected. However, I also hope they give the character some more dialogue than in past movies. Now if MoneyPenny actually ended up in bed with James Bond, THAT would be a serious re-vamping of the character. Otherwise, Sista won’t get NO love in this one either!

    Anyway, Congrats to Naomie and I can’t wait to see the film whenever it’s released. (SMILES)


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