[Cloud USA announcements] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 7/12-7/18.

(From Rain’s Legend of Rainism Tour official poster photo shoot…)

» You can visit the previous Open Thread HERE. And of course, don’t forget that our Cloud USA Forum is a most excellent place for Rain love, fan communication, and self-expression.

By the way — have you left a message for JiHoon on The Cloud today?

» Our Project page for newbies on how to register for and USE the Official Cloud Rain Fan Club site in S.Korea is HERE.)

If you can, PLEASE follow Rain’s lead and give Japan a helping hand. Donate to the 7th Cloud’s Appeal-Donation for Earthquake Victims in Japan or to the charity of your choice. The Japanese people are still nowhere near out of the woods. » The 1400 children who lost one or both parents are one of the groups most desperate for help right now.

[2011 RAIN Korea Tour Schedule]
August 13, 14 (Sat, Sun) – Busan BEXCO
Sat 27 August – Daegu EXCO Priest
Sat, September 3 – Jeju Convention Center
Sat, September 17 – Gwangju (Location TBA)
Sun September 18 – Daejeon (KOTRA Trade Exhibition Center)
September 24 and 25 (Saturday, Sunday) – Seoul Olympic Park Stadium

• There is word through the grapevine that, just as a tour package for Japanese fans was coordinated through a travel agency, in a week or so the official concert hosts may possibly be able to do the same for English- and Chinese-speakers. Maybe. There is nothing official yet on this, so please just stay tuned and we’ll keep our ear to the ground for information.

• English-speakers: The latest on the situation concerning the RAIN The Best Show 2011 Korea Tour concert tickets is HERE. If anything changes, we’ll be sure to bring you those updates. Thanks, everyone.

See you later on in the week, ladies (and gents! if you’re out there and you’re a fan of Rain’s, you can speak up… we won’t bite! 😀 ) —

Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on July 12, 2011.

14 Responses to “[Cloud USA announcements] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 7/12-7/18.”

  1. @ Cecilia
    Girrrlll when we moves ly I managed to make sure they set up our cable/Internet the same day. The first thing I unpacked was my computer. Lol Internet addicts unite!


  2. I saw the pic of his yummy tummy then thought…Hmmm. Then I scrolled down to actually read what you guys wrote, but a few seconds later just had to scroll back up and say Hmmm again. LOL


  3. HOLY MOLY. Rain tweeted a new article out of Nate News where it looks like the two people he sued for false reporting have gotten their comeuppance. I wonder what their “restitution” is.

    Wow… just waiting for a translation, yo. Wow.

    Laters, peeps.


    Stephe ^@@^


  4. that was the MOST SEXY pict of rain LOR that i ever love in he so sexy their and of curse i am liking that post i still spaling over that one heck yummy :P)


  5. Belly belly belly! i sooo want to blow a raspberry on his belly! LOL!


  6. Sexilicious!! ^.^ thanks for posting Stephe!! U are awesome gurl!!! Lol!!!


  7. Gah I have had Rain and Cloud USA withdrawals because of lack of internet. However just settling into my new place and getting internet connection tomorrow. My phones data plan can’t handle my addiction….LOL.


  8. I love the posters…they are awesome!!


  9. Stephe twitters jumping this am JiHoons twitting and even though I can’t read Korean I can tell baby is PISSED!!

    Someone screwed with his english speaking clouds trying to see him and I think heads are ROLLING sister!

    would not want to be them….


  10. posture of OPPA is very impressive.
    and I was imitating him, lol,,,,,,,


  11. Thank you Stephe…….you have now put me in A MOOD thinking about Bi. Seeing his “naked belly” doesn’t help either. Substitute “her” for “him” and the song speaks for itself and me too! (SMILES) Yeah it’s old school…………….


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