[post] Rain in MCM for Men’s Uno.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

And the JiHoon/MCM/Men’s Uno love fest goes on, and on… ♥

Some of Rain’s latest MCM images are now on MCM’s Facebook as well. MCM (Worldwide, Germany) and MCM Korea have both been making it Rain pretty hard lately, yes?


MCM Worldwide Blog 6/17/2011 —

Rain in MCM for Men’s Uno

Rain, Korean Pop Idol extraordinaire and possibly one of MCM’s biggest fans participated in a photoshoot for local lifestyle publication Men’s Uno after the opening of our new flagship store in Hong Kong. In the photographs you can see him wearing selected items from the Phenomenon Collection, carrying some of our hard luggage as well as a special edition croco-embossed backback.

~ by Cloud USA on June 16, 2011.

9 Responses to “[post] Rain in MCM for Men’s Uno.”

  1. Wow he is so gorgeous and handsome!!!!


  2. awawawaw my future yebooooooooooo!! oh gosh why is he soooooooooooo HANDSOME can he get any handsomer ?????????? OH MY!! sing tit for me rain sing it !! :P)


  3. This man, this man……………………………………………..


  4. Woooooooow Siiiiiiigh *-*


  5. Sooo handsome!!! There are no words to describe it. Sighhh


  6. Wow!!!to handsome,too gorgeous & he have so much potential looks really,its perfect at all….


  7. Too sexy…


  8. oh my rain i will be there one day to get you smh i love you soo much lol


  9. JiHoon is so gorgeous.


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