[poll] From MTV K: Rain Dubbed K-Pop’s Hottest Summer Body.

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Well… yeah. *no surprise written on my face* 😀


MTV K 6/6/2011 — by Anna Park / Photo credit: J.Tune Entertainment

Rain Dubbed K-Pop’s Hottest Summer Body!

The votes are in, and the numbers don’t lie: Rain is K-Pop’s Hottest Summer Body, chosen by MTV K readers from all around the world!

Rain’s reputation as K-Pop’s Sexy Icon has proven itself once again, without much explanation needed. I mean, just look at him!

Out of over 100,000 votes, Rain secured a whopping 34.4% of votes, beating out second place TVXQ‘s Yunho by over 7,000 votes.

To celebrate, Rain’s victory, we’ve compiled his full music video collection, along with MTV Iggy’s exclusive interview with the world star from his Ninja Assassin days — Stay tuned!

It would be wrong not to mention that F(x)‘s Victoria garnered the most votes out of the female candidates, making her the Queen of the Beach babes in K-pop this summer!

It makes sense in a way, since Victoria was recently chosen as a new model for Carribean Bay water park, together with her hubby Nichkhun of 2PM, who she beat out by 1,250 votes! Check back later for the couple’s full sexy CF, as the couple was spotted filming atop a beautiful waterfall earlier this month.

Because we had twelve candidates in the running this time, Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain and 2AM’s Changmin have unfortunately been eliminated from the list, making the “Top Ten Hottest Summer Bodies in K-Pop” as follows:

1. Rain
2. TVXQ Yunho
3. Super Junior’s Siwon
4. f(x)’s Victoria
5. 2PM’s Nichkhun
6. After School’s UEE
7. Wonder Girls’ Yubin
8. Lee Hyori
9. Girls’ Generation’s Yuri
10. Big Bang’s Taeyang

(poll chart credit: MTV K)

~ by Cloud USA on June 6, 2011.

9 Responses to “[poll] From MTV K: Rain Dubbed K-Pop’s Hottest Summer Body.”

  1. haha no doubt here, since childhood he is an assassin,
    and now more and more dangerous. haha I’m so happy.


  2. Hooray!

    Okay, so where’s this “compilation” they are talking about posting? They said stay tuned, and so I will…albeit impatiently.


    Terri :-} (And my ATTITUDE is absolutely frackin’ ridiculous, because haven’t I seen every single video the man has ever put out? “But…but…but…I want everyone ELSE to see ’em,” I whine. Snicker.)


  3. Hotness personified!!!!


  4. Of course he won, just look at that bod!


  5. Wooohoho!!!! Yesss!!!! Nobody got more sex appeal or a sexier bod. Go Rain!!!!


  6. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy to read this news!!!!!!!!!! Cloud power!!!!!!!!!


  7. wooop whaooooooooooooooo!! i just at the last voting point for rain yahooooooooooooooo… i so proud my man rain hitthat jackpot who else to see that have that DELICIOUS….!! :p) UH??????????
    ofcurse is rain what more is he is the sexy ALIVE baby boo u rock your body love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~ THUMP UP !!


  8. Woop woop! Clouds so rock…


  9. HELL YEAH! 😀


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