Tweets Abound: Living Dolls—Made to Order

~Cloud Cover by: Terri :-}, Managing Editor


Apparently, The Man and his crew had a little time on their hands and couldn’t resist serving us up something special.

Rain’s tweet that came with his Twitpic:

인형 주문받습니다 ^^ 골라주세여

According to an English translation I found from Cloud Philippines on The Cloud fansite, Rain is saying something like this:

The dolls you have ordered have arrived ^^.  Please choose.

Ottoke!?  How in the world could we possibly choose one amongst all of these lovelies?  Impossible.

But that’s okay, ’cause you know what that means, don’t you, lovely Clouds?  That just means we’re gonna have to take them ALL.  :-}

Terri :-}

~ by Cloud USA on May 14, 2011.

18 Responses to “Tweets Abound: Living Dolls—Made to Order”

  1. @Bia
    7 dolls, one for everyday of the week. I’d save the one in the middle for Sunday…that one is sure to bring on a “spiritually” enhanced experience!
    *DIFFEFENTLY * would be MOST experince that u never reget giril … u are so funny i bet your hubby love u more then anything u can keep him fall under your words ekekek i am loving that and ofcurse the one in middle i sure i will SOAK him up at night!! awawawawawaw :P)


  2. They really look like real dolls. Rain has an awsome sense of humor that I love so much.


  3. LMAO.!!!! 😆
    Agioooo Omom… 🙂 awawawwa they remind in the box ekekekek SO GOEGEOUS here awaa rain trying to make us EXCITED LOOK LIKE THE GENERAL seem dolls, beautiful, I love this photo LMAO!! awawawaw rain very have SUCK A SENE OF HUMOR oh yeah!! heeeeee look at all of them a doll sence ekekek he very show his BEST concert and yet some funny side of him too i would love just ONE and that is center one number #4 and who are him ???? u know it !!i wan rain and that guy their in center !! THIS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!
    Overnigh!!! i would just personally pict them LOl… well, i will have my car all up from his place and ready for just one person NOT all 7 i could fat them in Lol… my rain is my PERSONAL FAX EX.. :p)


  4. Gosh, they are soo silly. ROFL!!! I saw that pict and couldn’t stop laughing. Of course I want Rain!!! Plzz express mail me ASAP that georgeous doll in the middle so I can show him to all my friends. They would die of envy!!! Ke Ke Ke!!!


  5. I’ll definitely just take the one in the middle, coz he seems like the most expensive one. Priceless but certainly worth it!
    Lol he’s so silly… great poses though… they almost do look like dolls.


  6. Well, I would think that “The Cuties” KyuSang and YongDeock are the ones on either end, but I honestly can’t tell. The picture is too blurry…

    We’ll just have to watch stage footage or look at more pics…

    Y’all KNOW this is going on our Dancers Page, now don’t you? hahaha

    Stephe ^@@^


  7. Hmmmmm I agree I’ll take them all I’ve already put my order in on twitter. {wink}

    Hey can someone please name them off in order? I know the following:

    [unknown] SungTak, Hoshi, RAIN of course, Gori aka KyeongYeol, KoSoo Bong, [unknown]

    So the two boys on the ends I don’t know. And did you notice KoSoo aka Kostyle with is hat to hide the bandages from his accident. The guy was lucky that all he got was a few scrapes on the forehead from diving into what ever it was, he could have broke his neck, what a sad thought. I think he probably did it on that day trip the one in the picture he posted earlier. So glad he is okay.



  8. 7 dolls, one for everyday of the week. I’d save the one in the middle for Sunday…that one is sure to bring on a “spiritually” enhanced experience!


  9. too cute


  10. Sorry I have to be the odd one cause there’s only one I’d get. What a cool surprise! 😀


  11. LOL,omg…JiHoon is so funny. Love all the dolls but the one in the center is my fave…hands down.


  12. I’ll buy him at any cost,
    Why are people loving this.
    I want him in this life
    BI Oh I love you so


  13. Omo…now how cute is this – LOL! JiHoon never disappoints me, or his sense of humor. I am so HAPPY that he is tweeting and sharing with us!

    Now I’ll take all seven of these hunks, but if I have to choose, the one in the middle is EXCEPTIONAL – and a Must-Have! Can they ship ’em via overnight mail…, I’ll pick ’em up at the terminal…ROFL! 😀


  14. LOL..yay, im gonna take all of them & place them by my side 🙂


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