[article/brief review] Death on the horizon: A ninja’s revenge.

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There is no date on this brief write-up about Rain’s Hollywood movie Ninja Assassin, but there is mention of the DVD, so I am assuming that this was posted sometime in the summer or fall of 2010… but it could be recent.

What’s so interesting about it now? Well, it’s written much better and in a much more interesting tone than the boatloads of other NA write-ups that came out then. And it’s on an Arabic site.

Raizo was indeed universal!

All The Content Arabia.com — Death on the horizon: A ninja’s revenge.

Article on the DVD “Ninja Assassin”, a film directed by James McTeigue, starring Jung Ji-Hoon and Naomie Harris.

Mika (Naomie Harris) is a beautiful Europol cop leading an inquiry in Berlin to clear up a series of murders. Her investigations lead to the discovery that a band of ninja assassins is behind them. Despite warnings from her superiors, she gets hooked on the case to the point that her own life becomes endangered. As a target of the Ozunu clan, which trains these formidable killers, Mika can only be saved by Raizo (Jung Ji-Hoon), a ninja who is prepared to face up to his former instructors.

“Ninja Assassin”, directed by James McTeigue (“V for Vendetta”), is aimed at martial arts film fans. Its main draw lies in its convincing, bloody fight scenes. South Korean singer, model, dancer and actor Jung Ji-Hoon (better known under his pseudonym Rain) puts in a fine performance. The bonuses are less death-defying, amounting to a making-of, interviews, a video clip and trailer.

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4 Responses to “[article/brief review] Death on the horizon: A ninja’s revenge.”

  1. Ninja Assasin is one of those movies that will adcquire recognition with time. To me it was a great movie in its genre so as people get to see it they are going to appreciate it more. Let’s hope that Rain can get the recognition he deserves for all the blood, sweat and near starvation he went thru to do a superb job in NA.


  2. OMG I just realized I put view instead of few! DUH? Hahahaha


  3. It’s amazing to think that NA is going to another level in the international scene. Rain’s fans will be happy to know this bit of news.


  4. So cool! I’ve seen a view videos with Arabic translation I’m just so happy for JiHoon. His dreams are coming true for him truly on an international level.


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