[quickie/Eng trans] [Rain (Bi) News/MV] 110311 Sohu_《珍愛》[Treasure] MV (Rain 2011 Chinese single).

Credit: tv.sohu / scorpiolabi @YT — ^@@^

(Brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

RAIN: Various pollutants enhanced by global warming are causing serious environmental contamination. It’s really important there’s no more desertification.

As part of the eco-activity, I’ve come to sing a campaign song called ‘Treasure’ in Chinese.

Your active support would be appreciated, and I hope you to help protect the environment from pollution.

~ by Cloud USA on March 11, 2011.

3 Responses to “[quickie/Eng trans] [Rain (Bi) News/MV] 110311 Sohu_《珍愛》[Treasure] MV (Rain 2011 Chinese single).”

  1. me gusto , la cancion muy linda , no entiendo la letra pero me gusta !!SI CUIDARAMOS EL MEDIO AMBIENTE NO PASARIAN ESTAS COSAS COMO LO QUE PASA AHORA EN JAPON !!!


  2. OMG he looks soo hot in that video!!! Love the song, very meaningful. As always Rain did a magnificent job with that song!! Gawd his face and his eyes are beautiful. Sighhh even with short hair he looks fantastic.


  3. The song souds very nice.


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