[tweets/article] Rain and Se7en: Wow, that’s a BIG Chicken.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Well, my word! This one picture has sparked a lot of responses out there (as if that’s any big surprise anyway, haha). Let us look at a few, shall we? The first one is from the official Twitter of Se7en’s eatery YEOLBONG.

Rain & Se7en @ restaurant last week

Source: YEOLBONG @Twitter
Image: YEOLBONG @yfrog
English translation: rain bird @rain-eu.

지난주 그분은?? 두둥!!! Rain & Se7en !!! 너무나 멋진 두분이 투샷을… 감사합니다~ 꼬끼오^^

Who were those people last week? Ta da!!! Rain and Seven!!! The two who are so nice people were photographed together posing for the camera..Thank them~ Cock-a-doodle-doo^^

And then Se7en himself weighed in with an excited retweet of the big chicken shot.

Source: officialse7en @Twitter
English translation: 10 asia

W ma man~ RAIN!!! 언제나 멋진 내형!!! Love ya!!!

W ma man~ RAIN!!! My hyung who is always cool!!! Love ya!!!

And of course, the media had their field day over the 2 K-poppers and their human-sized chicken pal. Cute. 🙂

TV Edaily/Nate News, 3/9/2011 — [English translation by rain bird @Rain Europe]

A nice picture that presents Rain and Seven together is released

A picture showing that both Rain and Seven are friendly posing for the camera, was released through Twitter on the 9th, which attracted the attention.

In the picture, the two are looking at the camera, linking each of their arms with a doll dressing up as a chicken.

Netizens were amused at the picture, “The two in the picture look really cool..Just looking at it makes my heart flutter.” “I want to be that doll shaped like a chicken.”

And so what is Cloud USA‘s response to these fun poultry pickings?


That is its actual name: The Big Chicken. And it sits above one of the most famous Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants in the country, in the Atlanta suburb of Marietta. This 48-year-old historical landmark is so HUGE and well known that not only drivers, but pilots flying into Atlanta and Dobbins Air Reserve Base, down the road, navigate by it.

So… come and take a picture with our Big Chicken, Rain. (We know you like your poultry Southern-fried now—you dropped that tidbit in an interview a while back.) We’ll even ask Se7en to meet you here, if you’d like.

That’s what we’re squawkin’ about. 😛

Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com

~ by Cloud USA on March 9, 2011.

7 Responses to “[tweets/article] Rain and Se7en: Wow, that’s a BIG Chicken.”

  1. awawawaw that 2 hot guy i would mind be that chicken in middle they can eat me up as in sexy way u know esp rain SOAP into his mouth i don’t care i am free chicken for him anytime any day
    ekekekek :0
    oh rain !!


  2. Hahahahahahaha, to cute. All this advertisement for Se7en should be great for his restaurant.


  3. I wanna be the chicken!!! Lol!! OMG!!! Two hotties and the darn chicken gets to be seated with them. It’s not fare!!!


  4. Chicken and 2 hot guys all my favorite things. I too wish I was that chicken.


  5. ROFL.

    I swear when I saw that pic of Rain and Se7en, I just knew OUR Big Chicken was going to somehow end up in this write-up.

    Ha ha.

    Terri :-}


  6. Lol yeah and if you manage that, I’ll be there w/ bells on.


  7. 2 hot guys and a chicken.


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