Tweets abound.

rained down by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

This from MCM Korea out of Munich, at around 6 or a little earlier this morning…

Rain MCM Offical picture, posted 3/3/11
Source: MCM Korea @Twitter
Image: MCM Korea

English translation: rain bird @rain-eu.

유럽 스트리트에서 포착된 월드 스타 ‘비(Rain)’
MCM 페노메논 백팩으로 스타일리더의 면목을 보여줍니다.

World star Rain caught in a street in Europe.

He shows his worth as a style leader through MCM Phenomenon back pack.


Out of the depths of Stephe’s creative mind: Excuse me… I’ll take an extra-large double-mocha cappuccino with a shot of expresso, please. And the BIGGEST eclair you’ve got, to go. My schedule is a killer, you just don’t know.


~ by Cloud USA on March 3, 2011.

15 Responses to “Tweets abound.”



  2. Lol these are cute photos. The second one though… I’m not 100% sure but he looks a little shorter but not in a bad way… Just… Fun-size (lol wow)


  3. Rain look so cute!!!!


  4. L-O-V-E THIS LOOK!!!….Damn!! I want it ALL!!!…..(SMILES)


    I’m gonna need a translate button, cause I’m feeling out of the loop. I think you have some pretty cool comments, but I only know a few words in other languages, so I can’t join in the fun.
    (*pokes out bottom lip*)…….(SMILES)


    • She said “Imagine if you saw Rain come in and buy a coffee! I’d faint!” 🙂

      Google translate actually works really well with spanish. I use it to figure out my tenses (always had a problem w/ that) and words I might have forgotten.


  5. my oh my that my man righ their could u see it ??
    YEAH his name is rain ahahhaha oh gosh i love his stylis and his fashion outfit he so good in his dress he look so very young here does not look his age period.. !! O_O baggy pant in a L.O.N.G. time i have never see rain in this pant harldy anway ..
    OK!! rain her i goes first off i will like to pull to the chair and say hey…. !!
    2 i will bagging u and say boy what got into u today u killing me with that look or what??
    i think u look HOTTER in causal . i will just have to play my game put my finger on that frim pocket and say sssoooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu!!
    if that don’t Plan B
    unbootom rain pant and see what bief he got and color ya.. i would love to found out what kind BIEF he wearing aakak !! :P)




  7. Ji Hoon… Ji Hoon… let me count the ways in which I love you to death… Your style is bangin’ as usual… And look at the little striped shirttail peaking out in the back right over his adorable baggy jeans. And those wiiiiiide shoulders… Siggghhhhh…. I ❤ him.


  8. que raro rain pensando en comer jaja !! que look mas casual , le quedad muy bien !!


  9. Oh My! As much as I think he’s amazing I just have to question those pants. WOW baggy ass or what?

    He’s usually stylin’ but I guess everyone can have an off day. LMAO I have off weeks at a time. {win}



  10. Jihoon looks to cute.


  11. AWWW he’s soooo cute! And the backpack is cool. 🙂


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