MBLAQ check: Wow! Let’s look at that “Again”!

Oh, my.

Joonie was blond and fluffy, Mir strolled out of the shadows with attitude, and the Boys were head-rolling hard like there was no tomorrow. The moves were sharper than a tack and the voices were on point. MBLAQ attacked, you might say.

Please enjoy this, their performance of new song “Again” on today’s Music Bank. Mama is so proud. ♥ *sniffle*

— Stephe ^@@^

(source site: My Music Radar!)

MBLAQ – Again. (courtesy of UnknownCarrot170 @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on February 25, 2011.

16 Responses to “MBLAQ check: Wow! Let’s look at that “Again”!”

  1. So great performance,no doubt if they are getting so nice moves & choreography & everything of course Rain personalized taught of them & they are getting better on stage.Joonie nice to him a blond hair,to Mir wow welcome back & nice to see again in the groups quickly recovery ha? but take good care Mir,for over all they are so good & hot on stage,good job guys….


  2. @ALL & Setphe
    YEAH I NOTICE THAT YESTERDAY TOO !! some of their step are choreography have rain signature i so agreed u cn see the boy very make the move form their boss that was very A JOOD JOB OF MBLAQ!!


  3. Certain parts of the hook look like steps from that ultra-sexy dance flow that Rain busted out during his B2TB farewell-to-comeback stages that last week in May.

    Nom. 🙂

    Stephe ^@@^


  4. I agree with you guys…The choreography looks just like something Rain would’ve taught them. They’re looking good… At first I wasn’t a fan of Joonie’s hair but I saw him talking in those green room interviews they do on this show and he looked hot so I changed my mind. Yum!


  5. Loved this performance. Makes a Momma proud. *-*


  6. this choreography is the bomb!!!…I love everything about this song and the way they perform it…sooo sexy, specially Joon 😉


  7. They looked fabulous! Great to see Mir again! He and Thunder have gotten so tall. I like song a lot.


  8. This song is so hot!!! Thier choreography was hot!! The outfits were hot!! They all looked hot!! The performace was hot!! I was so happy to see Mir. I hope he gets well soon.

    Did Rain have anything to do with the song or choreography? The choreography did look like something he would do.


  9. Cool song.


  10. love this choreography, they have really learned to command the stage


  11. Damn they are amazing gahhh.i am so SUPRISE to see mir step up on that stage sing his line i hope he is getting much better so you can perform on stage, it’s not the same without you. They seriously deserve an award!
    why the Mnet can give them any award serious they DERSERVED it much THEN NOT!!!!


  12. the choreography has rain’s signature all over it. Good job blaquies!!!!


  13. Joonie looks so cute! Mir looks great and I am so happy to see him back with the others ^.^


  14. Nice, nice, nice!

    Terri :-}


  15. this song was a special gift from rain to mblag or?


  16. Awesome performance, was great to see Mir there.


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