[post] Rain created MBLAQ’s new track, “My Dear.”

Koreaboo 1/12/2010 — loveshane, Correspondent

It has been revealed that Rain played a special part in MBLAQ’s newly released first album, BLAQ Style. Known as MBLAQ’s producer and manager, the world star had written and composed the album’s 4th track entitled, “그대여” or “My Dear”.

Rain wrote the song’s lyrics and produced the beats alongside with them. The track boasts feelings of hope to overcome life’s hardships, allowing you to sing along to its adrenaline packed rhythms in an exciting, somewhat informal atmosphere.

MBLAQ will begin their comeback stage on Mnet M!Countdown on January 14th. What do you think of Rain’s involvement in the song?

By: loveshane

Source: E Daily and scorpiolimpy


Well, frankly, the song makes me want to shake what my mama gave me, and shake it hard. It’s kickin’.  I dig it.  It’s quite Rainish.  I’m glad Rain did contribute something to the album; one song certainly won’t interfere with the Boys’ newfound independence.

What about you all?

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on January 12, 2011.

6 Responses to “[post] Rain created MBLAQ’s new track, “My Dear.””

  1. i fall inlove with that song it was amazing hit the tune and it mix with Ryhum rain such a creative as a perfection to his own producer of his singer …!
    it making me move with his beat and sing while u listing to he sing lord this guy can dervely everything he do. just like making u ROCK with him phew.. if he ever perform that song in front of me at club lol… i will pull rain in the middle and splendid my body as hell ekekek… she not just a good for Mblaq but who so striaght to his business when come to stage the ablum of mblaq i like most of them the boys are
    such hardworking enought to make a sale of their copy 200.. in day that truly impressive and esp.. the netizens are so envirious of rain “MY DEAR” i love it alot!
    the KING give the boy another hit ablum again and i know one day they can grow own their own while rain MS .

    i hope rain will be involment in this back dancer i wanted to see sent he producer and traing yet we know it compser by please let rain their i differnly wanted to see him with his boy !1


  2. when the new songs will come out?


  3. I think Rain’s colaboration is very welcome by the boys coz they know that their mentor is clever with lyrics and music. It seems to me that Rain gave them space for doing their thing and that song is a gift for them. It’s not intruding when you know that the colaboration is given with such care and love. I know that JYP gave Rain various colaborations with his first four albums so is not something out of the ordinary.


  4. I really love the song so much. I was actually blown away when I first heard it. Yes I agree it makes you want to shake something! The more I hear from MBLAQ the more of a fan I become. I am impressed with thier talent. I hope that they blow up even more because they are really talented. I am happy that Rain had something to do with thier album. I think they are still able to show thier independence. Rain involment will only help and not hurt them.


  5. don’t we all know how involved he is???from the choreography to the music and lyrics he is always in the know, that’s why Mblaq is so awesome, perfect combination of people…like the planets aligning…lol 😉


  6. I really like the song, actually. I’m so excited to see their comeback stages and see all the hard work theyve been putting into these songs.


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