[clip/Eng subbed] Remember the night it suddenly Rained near Hongik U.?

Well, KBS World global TV, bless their hearts, has released their English-subtitled version of Rain’s Entertainment Weekly Star Date guerrilla interview.

Yippee-kaaah-yay, Rain clouds!

— Stephe ^@@^

[Star Date] Rain (비).  (Credit: kbsworld @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on January 10, 2011.

7 Responses to “[clip/Eng subbed] Remember the night it suddenly Rained near Hongik U.?”

  1. as fpr rain word saying i wanted to goes to end ?
    i hope if rain ever more reconsidering about U.S. became more star here and did alot flim concert ect… he would be more shinne then he dream come true more but it seeme Jtune alway block him from the U.S. i am not happy about that periods but as for rain he know it why is he give his best in U.S. yeah he poplaur in movies but he was not so open in here U.S.
    their is fan love u rain and we would love to see in big thing in hollywood if that ever happen!!
    we know rain been acomplish so many filed but he was not known much here in U>S. i wondering we he ever???????
    and i hope u can clim that motian when u after your 30th hit we know u can supass what ever u doing the filed alway open for u rain we will suporting all to end if theoir rain then their clouds it will be it raining for sure keep hardworking and more effort my love..


  2. What a great interview, though parts kinda made me a little sad for him. Thanks! ^.^


  3. I hope he did just that coz he’s gonna do it!! He is so cute and sincere in this interview. Rain was happy, you can tell coz he was relax, smiling and giving hugs to screaming fans!! Lol!!! The second girl was sooo funny and she got free tickets!! She is lucky to be there!! Aww, the part were he said that he danced for money in that same street broke my heart. That’s amazing; he can go back now and stroll by it as a mega star but the fact that he admit it just breaks my heart. He is such a humble human beeing.


  4. @Terri,

    I absolutely agree. If he ever lets his star shine More outside of Asia, that will definitely happen.

    I love to hear/watch my Babe talk…..always! Great interview…LOVE IT!!


  5. Terrific interview.

    I wonder…if Rain did climb that mountain to watch the sunrise before he turned 30 on New Year’s Day, I wonder what he promised himself?

    Hm. Maybe something like: someday the whole WORLD will know my name?

    Too lofty a goal? I think not.

    Terri :-}


    • Yes i believe that wish is not far fetched at all. Im soooo excited becuase i know when hes done serving his time and is ready to start/continue is career over here HE WILL be the BIGGEST STAR on the planet. No dout he will change the stereotypes and typecast of asian men in America and the world. Not since the King of Pop will we would have seen a star shine as bright and exhuberant as Rain’s will when he comes here. I keeop tellin everyone i know MARK MY WORDS because in 2-3 years theyll be sayin “wow april was a fan/supporter of him years ago and said he would blow up!”


      • I was thinking the same thing. I’m sure his next goal is becoming well known around the world. To be able to accomplish that will require him to spend more time in the US. Ladies just the fact that he’s already known in so many places and countries even though he hasn’t release a complete album in English and that basically wonderful fans like all of you have to surf the internet to find videos or any info in Korean, Japanese or Chinese even though most of us doesn’t understand what he is saying i think is amazing.
        That shows our endless support to him and how big influence he has become in our lives.


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