[fan made] Ninja Assassin meets Battle of the Kings…

… in this wonderfully done music video tribute by Italian editor and YouTuber LEON1970.  What a great combination… Raizo footage and music by Audiomachine.  And the visuals make the very most of Raizo’s eyes, face, and form.  You can almost feel his angst yourself as it builds, and builds…  I am so digging this.

Awesome clip!  Just excellent.  Enjoy. 🙂

— Stephe ^@@^

[gore included] Ninja Assassin VS Audiomachine – Trailer Tribute.  Song: “Battle of the Kings” by Audiomachine.  (Credit and edit: LEON1970 @YT)


Aaaaand a BONUS:

This NA clip is only a minute long, and it’s during a rather quiet moment considering the rest of the movie… but it’s crystal clear, involves Mika and Raizo, and I found myself holding my breath as I watched it.  OMG, why were his hands tied right then?  (I mean I know why, but why?*head spinning*

*D’Angelo’s song “How Does It Feel?” flows through my mind*

Ninja Assassin SPECIAL.  (courtesy of tandooripanda @YT)


Aaaaand a respectful bow to the ORIGINAL Badass: Master Sho Kosugi!  I could hug and kiss the person who put this video tribute together!

Not only has the legendary Sho-sama had an amazing 30-year career in action movies, he began martial arts training at the age of 4 and has been the Real Deal for 57 years.  He has his own training institute in Japan (that younger son Shane helps to run as older son Kane also went into action movies).  Sho-sama is the main reason I’m a ninja/samurai aficionado from waaaay back.  He and his sons don’t have to praise anyone, with what they’ve accomplished—and yet he praised Rain’s performance in their scenes together.  This man called JiHoon an amazing athlete, and grinned.  Wow.

This video delves into the best of Sho-sama‘s films (including Ninja Assassin!) and shows brief footage of him at his teaching best.  And I noticed, minutes 11:56 through 13:07 show handsome Kane battling daddy.  Haha.

SHO KOSUGI.  (credit and edit: ShoKosugiTheNinja @YT)


God, this post is getting long!  LOL  But I can’t just not give a shout-out to Kane, who did this incredible take for the movie “Timeless.”  He’s one of the few martial artists in the world who were invited to study at the exclusive Shaolin Temple in China.  Like father, like son.  (He and Rain in an Expendables 2 would be the shiznit, y’all…!)

Kane Kosugi (Long take fight scene).  (courtesy of ShawnObi @YT)


Okay… NOW I’m done. 😉


~ by Cloud USA on December 23, 2010.

9 Responses to “[fan made] Ninja Assassin meets Battle of the Kings…”

  1. wow!! That was so hot! I’m about to go watch Ninja Assassin again for the 1000th time.


  2. That is freakin awesome!!!!!


  3. WOW! That was awesome!


  4. Thanks for sharing these Stephe. I too consider myself a bit of a martial arts aficionado, and it’s nice to see there are others. Very Cool…! 😀


  5. Oh man, Kane Kosugi is hot and lethal!! Can you imagine Rain and Kane in Ninja Assasin II? That could be the ninja movie of the century!! Amazing the way Kane can flip over again and again. The first video on NA with the rock music was soo cool!!! I like it a lot. 😀


    • You said it, mari. But then again, he WAS trained by the best, ya know? 😀

      I’ve had my eye on both Kane and Shane for a while now, since they were little boys and co-starring on and off in Sho-sama‘s movies, and more recently in athletic competitions and Kane’s movies. They are very capable. And nummy.

      Stephe ^@@^


  6. 1 vid tribute
    I REALLY enjoyed this! Awesome job!
    that is good sountaxk to it that was very cool i like the edit of too esp how raixo anger show his drak side he so good at that real actor u know what i mean !! a prop to vid!!

    ninja assassin specail
    i am loving that stand of razio i don”t know why i can see the brad and word into his eye wanted to say no matter what happen he alway help u that melthing u and wanted to stick with him forecver !! i love heard speak ENGLISH i have a deep vocie I KNOW !! just it blow me away ahahah!!!!!

    SHO KOSUGI.wowow just woow!!
    Sho-sama‘s films oh yeah he their good one too he even teach thoes kid in class eventually my cousing 2 child have that tubo clas ahah ..
    i see him and rain NA their
    i remeber back in oldday i alway watch kinfu and this particluar ninja assassin movies show on tv… and i like their tecquie of their own sword, bard, and wepon it is one of the legend that it still been reconzies ands use plus a remake of the film as well.
    i even goes crazy and overwhilimg watching that too i did let nobody change my channel back uh see that it to good seriou!!
    and it so popluar that everbody even went out !i very love see they even add the manyfan to their tewuie of the equiment of the ninja wepon i think it cool stuff to see u know thay r sharp and cut!! and it very useable as in the movies.. and if rain ever in this king fim frekenly more offten he could be famous and bring the legend back to 2011 i mean rain is very humble and have shock a acting skill i know he can betray that ninja act!

    and sofar on they have bought into hunfu karate kid ect…
    and then i star to watch BRUCE LEE the true KUNFU FIGHTHER and real deal with his stun he is my number kick ass and best one that i never forget him and his movies i still do miss him as for rain he not bruce lee but sometime i found his fighthing skill resimble to remind of him quite of bit rain is rain and he is natral to his own stun!!

    last vid Kane
    is very humble who say i well give a shot yup just like rain it mush did his job right and u know rain he wanted to give his 110% best out from his harworking regradless he actor !! that fight runing sence just like rain ninja assassin when he run from the bad Ninja are !!


  7. OMG!!! That scene of Raizo drinking water was the ONE SCENE that did it for me. I thought “damn this guy is soo sexy!!!” Also, the scene where he is cought with the electrical shock and his beautiful hair falls foward, I went “WOW, I love his hair!!” There I became a Rain’s Cloud forever. LOL Love ya Baby Rain!!!


    • I know right, and the way Mika looks at him while he’s drinking the water.

      Shame that they didn’t really have a love scene, hopefully in NA 2. 🙂


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