Mark your calendars for the 2010 KBS Drama Awards…

… which, as we understand it, will be televised on the KBS World Channel carried by your local, cable, or satellite television provider.  Please see the blurb from KBS World below:

2010 KBS Drama Awards will be held at 9:50pm (UTC+9, Seoul) on Friday, December 31, 2010 to honor this year’s great dramas and people behind this excellence.  Meet your favorite actors/actresses in KBS’s year-end drama awards~!  This glamorous ceremony will provide you a chance to reunite with your favorite drama characters that made you laugh and cry throughout the year.  On this night, nominees and guests will gather to acclaim the outstanding works and to share the behind the scene stories.

2010 KBS Drama Awards will be broadcasted live across 58 countries with English subtitles!

Global KBS Drama lovers!! Tune in and learn who and which drama will win the highest honor in 2010 KBS Drama Awards.

A Great Opportunity to Get More Involved in KBS!!!

Your support has helped us have a great year thus far!
KBS has planned for some great events to thank you all for your interest in this year’s KBS Dramas!!  Check below for more details on events!

NEVER, EVER miss this grand opportunity!!!

The Special Events sound quite exciting.  One involves fans uploading their own video clips of support for their favorite dramas.  The other lets fans convey their K-Drama thoughts by Twitter and/or Facebook.  AND there are amazing prizes, some of which will be autographed by the casts or director of the K-Dramas we’ve enjoyed this year.

» You can visit the 2010 KBS Drama Awards page for detailed information on the December 31st televised award show and on these special events (which end December 20th) on the KBS World site HERE.

Wow. 😀

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on December 9, 2010.

6 Responses to “Mark your calendars for the 2010 KBS Drama Awards…”

  1. there is voting going on at KBS site for the best drama, best actor, actress, and a few other catagories. i already voted and came back here to see if i see the link.

    tip: the voting link…



  2. @STEPHE
    CAN THIS BE RAIN ALL K-DRAMA uploading one youtube i mean does matter how long the length will right and i can edit all his drama and poodt on KBS facebook or twitter right is right if so i will start soon !!


    NO JOKING RIGHT HOW????????? December 31
    was that his ADUIE concert who no can u change the day or somehow adjust the perfect scheduel
    i would love to see rain their and won this award crossing my finger!!


  4. Jihoon will find aways.


  5. How sucky for Rain, doesnt he have a concert that night? It will suck when their show gets an award and he wont be able to participate in it as well. 😦


  6. I am thinking that maybe Rain is going to attend but from his Adieu Concert or not coz both shows go the same day.


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