[fan cam] Revising: Rain arrives in Taiwan for Legend of Rainism…

…at the end of January 2010.

Hm.  Doesn’t look like he has a problem with being touched to us (as has been said by some folks).  Didn’t look like he was worried about the media, either.  Hm.  Imagine that.

More than likely, the times Rain does want privacy and to be “left alone” when he arrives somewhere has to do with the circumstances — where he’s arriving at, what the atmosphere is like, whether or not there IS time to approach anyone, and whether or not he feels physically well.  Which is no crime.  (I mean honestly, who would want to stop and photo-op where you knew people were waiting to shoot flaming arrows at you, as opposed to where you knew you were welcome unconditionally?  Especially if you’re dog-tired?)

Just my buck-fifty.  I call it like I see it.  (Wow, what a crowd!)

— Stephe ^@@^

10-01-30-RAIN-LEGEND OF RAINISM IN TAIWAN [高雄接機].  (courtesy of vivi777625 @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on November 9, 2010.

3 Responses to “[fan cam] Revising: Rain arrives in Taiwan for Legend of Rainism…”

  1. I guess it get scary and crazy if you let the fans have their way…we get too excited and act stupid…I know I would..so for his safety, I’d like him to be surrounded by security even if he is kept away from us…just sayin’ 😉


  2. hunh, hunh…that’s what i’m talking about….i went on a search of his arrivals and some departures. every vid, has this kind of response waiting for him. love, love and more love from fans who aren’t afraid to show it. thanks for sharing.


  3. this fancam is the best of rain mature look ever and the suporting and greet of rain fans wanted to touch and shak his hand never fall to touch me from that airpart when ever he arrived it their . rain make good accomed with his fans all intertiomnal the yellking the gift the smile and happine of their face showing me be part of them i feel like i wast in front of them waiting for rain come threww the door and greet him WELCOME to our country rain !!
    i very love his body here he so manly look and his hair his skin his outfit woot i am in love all of that now! rain is to bussy filming FUGITIVE he must been thinking to all his fans who it feel been goen for a while i bet they fans say rain we would love to see come back again we miss u u are giving us outstand stage and powerful strom ever the blash of rain just drain all his aduiance !!


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