From the making of: Legend of Rainism Asia Tour in Japan.

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Rain’s remarks, included in the making of clip from the Legend of Rainism Rain Asia Tour in Japan DVD:

그런말이 있는거 같아요.그러니깐
선물은 즉 현실이고 .. 현실은 즉 선물이구..
영어의 단어를 좀 비유를 하자면
.. present 라는 단어가 현실이기도 하고 선물이기도 하거든요 때로는
그러니깐 맞는거 같아요.
지금이 제게는  제일 중요하고 미래는 누구도 예측할 수 없으니..
미래를 위해서 열심히 사는 거 같아요..
[레전드오브레이니즘 레인 아시아투어 인 재팬 메이킹 영상 중에서 비…]

(brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

Well… actually, nobody knows what may happen tomorrow.  You know what they say, “the gift of the present, the present of gift” has currently been impressed on me as being important, this English word “present” means “reality” or “gift”, for example.  So, the conclusion literally seems so right.

I think I dip into the future and work hard in the prospect of coming success, since this very moment is most important in my life and no one can predict tomorrow.

In other words, there are times when you should live for the moment.  Live in the moment.

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on August 30, 2010.

4 Responses to “From the making of: Legend of Rainism Asia Tour in Japan.”

  1. overwhelmed by cute


  2. Kongsoa my sista you are soooo right! Our JiHoon is such a wise and smart man and will always be one in my heart!!


  3. @lotus600
    i very love 4 pict down that peace sing very so cool he look an very cool guy off stage and also i can see other side of rain just an ordnairy guy who juast in his world monment …
    yes i surly understand rain saying here now body know what happen tomorrow and what he does is he give us the best pursuit he can be in this worlds he very workhard for us and we should love him to the bottom of his heart that me and well do forever as long their rain their well me us with him right!!


  4. Thank you Stephe, these are cool pictures and I understood what JiHoon meant,I’ve been around Asian culture’s and people since I was a young girl, but that’s not to say I would understand everything he may But I try.


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