Newest Addition to Runaway (Domanja/도망자): Josie Ho

Hong Kong singer and actress, Josie Ho, is the latest actress to be added to the star-studded cast of Domanja (Runaway).  Her addition is causing a lot of buzz over in Asia, mainly because she is the daughter of businessman Stanley Ho, who is apparently the wealthiest person in Macau, and among some of the wealthiest in Asia.  His estimated net worth is said to be $1 Billion USD. (Think Asia’s Paris Hilton and you’ll understand what all of the commotion is about.)

All money talk aside, Josie appears to be quite the accomplished actress, and is said to be willing to take on roles that sharply contrast to her own wealthy upbringing as a billionaire’s daughter.  I look forward to seeing her work.  There’s no word yet as to which character she will play, but I have no doubt of her abilities, since this drama is filled with such talented artists.

The filming of Runaway is currently underway in Shanghai, and the drama is scheduled to air in the end of September on KBS2.

Congratulations, to Josie, from Cloud USA!

Terri :-}

Source: Sport Seoul/

[*ETA 8/13:  You can also read HanCinema’s article on Josie Ho’s Runaway character HERE. ^@@^]

Still of Josie Ho in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

~ by Cloud USA on August 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “Newest Addition to Runaway (Domanja/도망자): Josie Ho”

  1. I like her. She was 1 of the bad guys in Street Fighter. Is she going to be good or bad in Runaway?


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