[images] A fan encounters Rain in Shanghai.

Details are rather sketchy right now because of the language barrier, but as we understand it, a fan saw Rain having dinner at the South Beauty restaurant in Shanghai today (the 24th, which is technically yesterday over the International Dateline), on Ya’an Road in the Jing’an District.  And it appears that she managed to get a smile and his autograph.  She describes him as looking oh, so fine. 🙂

If a full fan account is properly translated at some point, we’ll post that here (because believe me, you don’t want to try weeding through the straight Google translation).  For now, here are the photos that have surfaced so far.

— Stephe ^@@^

(credits: vicky9998, serendipity_sh-rain, rainHK / source sites: Baidu, RAIN Germany)

~ by Cloud USA on July 24, 2010.

3 Responses to “[images] A fan encounters Rain in Shanghai.”

  1. That is so cool that someone got to see Rain. I still have yet to see Jihoon in person. Maybe next year when I go to korea.


  2. this is the one i wanted to comment about.

    yeah, there is a lot of translating for this fan account. do hope a clear one will be available soon. thanks for posting and letting us know Rain is doing and looking ok.


  3. Thanks, it looks so beautiful! MUCH LOVE!


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