Entertainment news: The making of the Love Song MV.

Video courtesy of ratoka @YT
Credit: memo-rain.ning.com
Original translation: rain bird @Rain-eu.
Loose translation (from original): Stephe @CloudUSA

Please credit properly.  All dialogue is Rain unless specified.

0:28 – 0:32
Thanks for coming here, all of you.  I’m Rain and I’ve returned with my special album.

0:38 – 0:49
I want to do real and refreshing music that reflects when I first began [my career].

0:51 – 0:59
Korean culture seems to have had a great deal of influence on world cultures, so I think I should pay attention to my domestic fans while including my overseas fans.

1:17 – 1:28
[On a comeback stage show] The concept of this album is based on a ballad.  In terms of acting wildly, he (2PM’s Taecyeon) is second to none when it comes to tearing off his clothes.

1:40 – 1:50
The reason I’ve released my special album is because I just want to enjoy doing my favorite thing.  I’m trying to show how my unique stage performance belongs in a different sphere from the current idol groups.

1:51 – 2:02
Question: Top singer Lee Hyo-Ri has also returned to the musical stage. [and how does he feel about that?]

Rain: During the pre-recording of one music program, there wasn’t one person there who I knew.  So being there with Lee, who I’ve known for a long time, made me happy.

2:16 – 2:43
As I became independent of JYP, I had to work really hard to decide what was going to happen with my own music style.  Since what was expected of me were my well-known dance movements and performances, the creation of something different while still using those wasn’t easy.

2:54 – 3:27
During the promotion for Ninja Assassin, I realized the truth that there were still lots of things to do in this huge world.  My name hadn’t been known in Europe, America, and so on, but after the promotion, major daily newspapers like the Times, etc. interviewed me, I was called an action star, and I received overseas CF offers.

3:44 – 3:53
[on a show with comedian Kang Ho-Dong] By the end of Ninja Assassin, after shooting with such a severe diet and exercise, when I tasted so much as a grain of salt I got goosebumps all over like a vampire [who hadn’t had blood in months, for example], and I felt like a human weapon [robot].

4:22 – 4:36
[on another show… Chocolate?]  The thing I missed the most was food.  I get really mad these days if someone takes food from my side of the table/plate.  Does it look like I don’t have an appetite or something [from being sick]?  (laugh)

4:47 – 5:10
[on a Love Song set on location, with Rain doing stomach crunches to stay warm and tighten up those golden abs] It’s around 1 AM.  A scene that cost a tremendous amount of money was already shot with a helicopter earlier in the morning… you’ll understand when you see it.  Don’t ask me [about it now].  We’re under the Cheongdam Bridge.  I don’t want to reveal the secret/ spoil the surprise/ lay everything out for you!

5:19 – 5:40
I don’t think it’s difficult, but it’s too cold.  The unusual part of this concept is called “Bling Bling.”  The price of our stage clothes comes close to that of a car.  We’re trying to do what is best [do right by the project, give the fans the best product].

5:54 – :55
My upper body [muscles] keep falling down!

It’s really hard to maintain the physique I’ve managed to get.

6:15 – 6:33
I’m determined to drink coffee and [eat] Dukbboki [spicy rice cakes, see our Food, Glorious Food page].  I’ll just have to work harder.

6:35 – :50
My dance team and I exercised to look like real hunks for almost two months, and managed to stick to our diet.

6:51 – :55
Our labors were rewarded, so we’re happy.

[Han Ye-Seul] It seems essential that it shows the two being in love with each other.

Han Ye-Seul is so good at acting.

7:40 – 7:52
Thanks to her help, I’m pulling this project off.  We are working together [meshing] perfectly.  She’s the greatest.

She has a very small face.

[Han Ye-Seul] The director had a great job.

[Han Ye-Seul] Watching my scenes makes me feel shy.

8:58 – 9:13
This music video is based on my real life.  Once, I watched a scene in a movie after breaking up with my girlfriend, and a great idea flashed into my mind, so I put that idea into action. Thus, this song was created.

9:22 – :53
In the MV, my most attractive feature is my long, dark eyelashes, which represent my soul.  [Didn’t I tell you that, Clouds?  Didn’t I say that?  Those eyelashes made the character’s soul open and vulnerable.  I’d never steer you wrong, see?  You can trust your unni. — Stephe ^@@^]

I don’t think I’ve ever decorated my body with so many silver accessories.

[Director] Rain’s sound track is synchronizing with his actions as if he’s not lip-sync’ing.

[Director to Ye-Seul] Isn’t it hard to perform as the sleeping heroine?  (She cups her face in her hands in response)

10:43 – 11:10
Question: How have you overcome your hard times?

Rain: I was at the point of giving up on everything once.  But I looked myself in the mirror every day and told myself that I could do it.  I feel that I’m becoming a strong-willed person who can meet every obstacle without being afraid of it.

[at his mother’s gravesite, early career] My late mother used to say to me, “You’ll eventually find your place on the international stage.”  I’ll continue trying to do so.

[on a show, early career] My mother didn’t have any money for diabetic medication, and finally died.  Our family had to fight poverty since there was no one to help us.

[2004 Daesang Awards, Best Newcomer] I made a promise to my late mother three years ago, and thought, “I’ll surely [win and] dedicate this great award to her…”

I’d like to do something great even in the years ahead.  I think seven out of ten [goals] have been accomplished over my career.  I’ll do my best to make my chances of success higher, so I ask for your continued support.

~ by Cloud USA on April 20, 2010.

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