MTV wants YOU–to pick the nominees…

[Edited to Add]  Clarification Update:

Hello lovely Clouds.  There seems to be some confusion out there with regard to the 2010 MTV Movie Awards and what we are voting for.  Right now, we are only being asked to vote for the nominees, which haven’t been chosen yet.  The nominee voting will end on April 9th, and then on May 11th, we can start voting for our favorites to WIN.  Right now, Rain is listed in only ONE category:  Best Ass Kicking Star.  But you can still recommend him for other categories by writing in your own vote for him (or your other favorites).  And you can vote more than once too!

Hopefully, this will clear up some of the confusion going around on the Internet about this event.  Don’t forget to cast your votes early and often.  April 9th isn’t that far away!

Terri :-}

Hello lovely Clouds!

Now’s your chance to choose your very own favorite movie/artist nominees for the 2010 MTV Movie Awards!

The categories are:

  • Best Kiss
  • Best Fight
  • Best Villain
  • Best WTF Moment
  • Best Ass Kicking Star
  • Best Scared-As S*it Performance
  • Best Female Breakout Star
  • Best Male Breakout Star
  • best Female Performance
  • Best Male Performance
  • Best Comedic Performance
  • Global Superstar
  • Best Movie

Sign up at and then have a terrific time voting for your favorite stars and movies.  I know I did!

FYI, Rain is already suggested as the nominee for one award:  The Best Ass Kicking Star.  I’m sure we Ninja Assassin fans can all agree on that one, hands down.

However, here’s a juicy tip for you.  If you SCROLL DOWN to the bottom of each nominee screen, you’ll find this little device…

…where you can choose your OWN favorite movie/star nominees and ADD them to the list.

This is where I added some of my own yummy favorite picks:

  • For Best Fight:  Ninja Assassin; Rain and Stephen Marcus (Kingpin)
  • For Best Kiss:  Ninja Assassin; Joon Lee and Anna Sawai

AND you can vote more than once too!

The nominee voting ends on April 9.  After the nominees are announced, voting for a winner in each category will start May 11 and run through June 5. But voting for Best Movie will stay open throughout the awards show itself — meaning you’ll have a chance to affect the night’s biggest prize until the very last minute.

Get your votes in early, Clouds.  And then make sure you watch the MTV Movie Awards on June 6, at 9 p.m. EST, to see if any of your favorite stars are winners.

Wishing you many Rainy days,

Terri :-}

~ by Cloud USA on March 29, 2010.

6 Responses to “MTV wants YOU–to pick the nominees…”

  1. Gaaahhhh! I missed voting Rain in!! ~hangs m’head~ I’ll get in when it resumes in May!! I absolutely LOVE RAIN!!!! When will he come back to the US!! I want to see him LIVE!!


  2. me too, voting like crazy…

    and about Ninja Assassin, i’m telling you the more i watch this movie, the DAMN better it gets. Rain is definately kicking assess and yes, that cloing scene OMG. THE BEST NINJA FIGHT I HAVE EVER SEEN. i watch martial arts a lot.


  3. […] Yeh and vote for Rain in the 2010 MTV Movie Awards! – if you want more information go here to CloudUSA they have done a very nice post on it, explaining […]


  4. Best Scared-As Sh*t Performance… that would be ME, about to rip my chair out of the floor in the theater, when in the final Ninja Assassin battle Master Sho suddenly disappeared and Raizo looked like, “HUH? Aw, hell…!”

    Gah. I almost came unglued. 🙂

    Stephe ^@@^


  5. C’mon like crazy, we did it once, we can do this again for Rain..C’mon Yo..


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