Are we really seeing Back To The Basic on this pic?

Hm.  Very interesting, Rain.  It’s almost as if Mr. Gothic Glam Rock Emo-Punk, while representative of past basic emotions and such, is an alter-ego of some kind (a la Chris Gaines/Garth Brooks).  Hmmm.  You have my full attention.

» Better yet, let’s see what allkpop has to say… HERE.  Han Ye-Seul To Appear In Rain’s Comeback MV.

So… we have a female lead, a tantalizing, dramatic concept, a massive music video shoot that took place over the past few days, and two radically different Rains.  I think my anticipation level has just about reached critical mass. 🙂

“Yeah… this is [a] hip song right here… ha ha… brand new songs… here we go… (watch this)…”

I’m ready. Revolutionize me. — Stephe ^@@^ 5:35 am EST

~ by Cloud USA on March 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “Are we really seeing Back To The Basic on this pic?”

  1. yes, what a big contrast!! sometimes sexy/hot and sometimes sweet/warm!!


  2. OMG OMG OMG now i am even more excited, hes toying with us haha and its working, eeeeeeeeeee the excitement is too much. he looks so adorable, that smile could melt anyones heart 😀


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